Agency: Creature
Date: Sep 2022
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Bubble’s app lets parents discover, book and pay for flexible childcare on-demand. More than 2m hours of childcare have been requested on its platform since launch, with over 200,000 users joining predominantly via word of mouth.

Its first ad campaign playfully draws on the age-old reality for many parents that once you become one, an aspect of your ‘old’ self can sometimes become forgotten. Kids can struggle to comprehend that their parents have ambitions, passions and commitments that don’t involve them, and a life that existed long before they came along.

In the posters, viewers see hand-drawn designs with fun copy including: ‘Sure, you’ve got a dog for an ear now, but you still give a killer sales pitch’ and ‘Sure, you’re a fuzzy yellow dino-mum now, but you still love a fancy cocktail.’