By Danielle Long | Acting APAC Editor

January 5, 2023 | 3 min read

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has taken aim at Australia’s overuse of the term “Un-Australian” in its summer lamb campaign.

The annual campaign, which first launched in 2005, has become a highly anticipated event in the national calendar.

This year’s campaign pokes fun at the many behaviours deemed “Un-Australian” by creating an infinite cultural exile known as Un-Australia, where people indulging in un-patriotic behaviours are banished.

Bragging, eating a meat pie with a knife and fork, and not knowing the words to Cold Chisel’s iconic anthem Khe Sanh, all result in people being sent into exile.

As more and more people arrive in Un-Australia, it quickly becomes the place to be, and a lamb BBQ brings everyone together to enjoy their new home.

The campaign was created by The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song, with media by UM and social and PR by One Green Bean. The campaign premiered during the Australia v South Africa Test Cricket match – another iconic Australian event.

It marks the latest chapter in the brand’s long-running strategy to promote lamb as a summer meal option. The original campaign strategy, which BMF created, aimed to position lamb as the meat to eat on Australia’s national holiday on January 26th; however, this has broadened in recent years.

More recently, the strategy has shifted to focus on lamb as a meal that brings people together and has explored Australia’s political and social divisions and the physical divisions caused by Covid-19.

The latest spot also avoids the controversy of previous campaigns exploring the nation's multicultural heritage and identity. The brand’s most controversial execution for lamb aired in 2017 and featured religious gods and prophets from different faiths and beliefs sharing a BBQ lamb meal. The ad was heavily criticised by religious groups and was banned by Australia’s ad watchdog.

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